Delivery Information

It is carried out in the South of the Krasnoyarsk territory, in the localities indicated below.

Products with a total cost of 3,000 rubles or more purchased in our online store are delivered free of charge to Minusinsk.

The delivery of the Minusinsk area is carried out according to certain tariffs, and includes the settlements:

s. Bolshaya Inya,

s. Bolshaya Nichka,

D. Quick,

C. the Upper Koya,

S. East,

S. Town,

p. Gerlich,

C. Garlic,

Zelenyi Bor,

p. Znamenka

p. imeni Krupskoy,

S. Caucasus,

S. Kolmakova,

D. Komarkova,

D. Konygina,

S. Krivinskoe,

p. Kalugerovo,

S. Lugovskoe,

D. may Morning,

d. Small Inya,

S. Malaya Minusa,

S. Malaya Nitschka,

Small Kyzykul village,

S. Nikolo-Petrovka,

S. Novotroitskoe,

p. Experimental Field,

p. Prigorodny,

p. Pritubinsky,

p. Prikholmye,

S. Selivanikha,

D. Soldatovo,

p. Sukhodol,

p. Dry Lake,

p. Tagarsky,

s. TES.,

S. Tigritskoe,

p. Topolki,

S. Shoshino

Delivery is carried out to the entrance, further rise to the floors - by agreement with the delivery service.

The cost of transferring equipment manually (if it is impossible to get to the entrance) - after the first 20 m, every 15 m is equal to the cost of lifting for one floor.

Delivery time

Minusinsk — from 17.30 to 18.30 of the current day of the order (or any day, by agreement);

Shushenskoye district, Shushenskoye village — within 3 days, you can check the time with the Manager.

We ask You to stay at the address you specified during the agreed delivery interval on the day of delivery. The buyer's contact phone numbers must be available.

Attention: we recommend, before purchasing a large item to compare the size of Your doorways, stairways (if you need service on the ground floor) and size of the packaging to confirm whether or not You condition to transport the goods to the place without damages.

The ordered product is delivered to the buyer in its original packaging. The package may have traces of opening if the condition of the equipment was checked in the warehouse. The delivery service employees are obliged to release the equipment from the packaging at the buyer's request and allow the buyer to inspect the goods for any mechanical damage.

Make sure that the product is complete and free of defects before signing the waybill. The delivery courier must issue a product (cash) receipt (except for payment by Bank transfer or Bank transfer) and a completed warranty card with stamps. If you have any complaints about the appearance and completeness of the product, You can refuse the product. Claims to the appearance of the delivered goods in accordance with article 458 and 459 of the civil code You can show only to send You the product by the seller.

Please note that the delivery staff does not provide technical advice, installation, connection and adjustment of equipment!