About Us

The chain of stores of the company "System solutions" specializes in selling a wide range of high-quality home appliances, computer equipment, related products, office furniture and office furniture from leading manufacturers at optimal prices. Our experience in this field, the principle of always keeping up with the times and customer orientation has allowed us to make our contribution to the development of the market for high-tech services in the Russian regional economy.

The goal of this project is to provide an opportunity to make a deliberate choice in a comfortable environment for the buyer, without the fuss of the store, using detailed illustrated product characteristics.

Our store is based on the principle of modern people to be more effective - in business, education, to make life easy and comfortable and rest with the help of innovations in the field of modern technologies. Thanks to the online store, you can, for example, buy a refrigerator of your dreams or make a gift to a dear person with minimal time and energy costs. Or delivery of furniture, office supplies for your company at competitive prices on the job. The Internet trading system has long been familiar and popular in developed countries.

The advantages are obvious:

Detailed information about each product, including photos from multiple angles for a more complete impression of the product.

Save time traveling to stores in search of the right product; also, you can make purchases and delivery without leaving your home or office.

Do not depend on the store's work schedule when choosing a purchase — the online store is available around the clock, you can choose and compare the desired product as much as you need individually.

The courier will deliver the goods from the online store quickly and accurately to Your home or office.

The assortment of the online store is more complete than the usual, traditional store, because it combines several retail stores, in addition, it is possible to buy goods that are not yet in the catalog (product ordering service).

Documents and warranty for products does not differ from those obtained when purchasing in a regular store, all products are provided with certificates and documents established by Russian law.

We are constantly working to maintain and improve the high quality of customer service and are focused on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. By filling out a simple registration form on the site, you can track your purchase history. There is a discount system for regular customers. Various promotions are held. If you need help finding the right model, polite consultants will answer all your questions by email, phone number or ICQ listed on the site.